Facing Depression - Relaunch Premiere


Before you tune into this episode, I want to let you know that I cover topics regarding mental health challenges and some of what is shared here may be a trigger for those who are dealing with the topic at hand. Please know that I am not a medical or mental health professional. I am a person who is living with the mental illness of clinical depression and anxiety and this podcast is an audio diary of MY personal journey through recovery. While I find myself a member of a community of millions of people sharing similar struggles, our journeys are unique and personal which is why it’s important that you find a recovery strategy that works for you. Even better when you have the guidance of a licensed mental health and/or medical professional to support you.


This next episode is actually the 1st episode of Season One of Notes & Musings, "Facing Depression." It's an important episode because it almost didn't happen thanks to my anxiety. Well, I have some choice words for depression and anxiety (NSFW by the way). I'm taking a stand against them because they suck and I want to feel better. Better for me, better for my family, and my business. I ain't got time for them anymore. I got shit to do.