You will feel better again.


My Soul’s Purpose is to help women entrepreneurs who are actively battling depressive disorders win back their mental energy to improve focus, motivation, and productivity in their whole life.

 Sherrie Lanell, the Multipod Mom behind her drum kit Sheila

I’m really grateful you chose to be here because it shows me you’re ready to discover how to keep your business and home life running at 100% even when you don’t feel like it. You’re ready to let go of what no longer serves you and can focus on what does. You’re ready to be a boss for real. 

I’m Sherrie Lanell, Mental Energy & Productivity Coach, Photographer, Musician, and the founder of the Multipod Mom, LLC. I help women battling with depressive disorders "get shit done" in their businesses and family life.

I created the Multipod Mom to be a source of support for women entrepreneurs, like you, who struggles with productivity. You will learn how to streamline your business and home life in a way that feels light, manageable, and unique to you. And when the days are long and you need a hand with your business, I am here to offer business support as your virtual assistant with over 20 years in both the creative and corporate space.

To learn more about my story, listen in here: 

E2. Finding Acceptance with Clinical Depression